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structure revamp and ownership sharing proposal for l10n teams
[case study : hi_IN]

                                                                              — Rajesh Ranjan

things changed

  • Rapid Release Cycle
  • Work load increased
  • Products added eg. Fennec, FirefoxOS
  • No of contributors increased
  • ReMo is added in community structure




We should change

  • the  tool on which we translate Mozilla  Products
  • the process we adopt typically translating mozilla
  • the structure of the existing teams org
  • the reps-localizers relationship in respective language community
  • the way we engage currently the contributors

Change the tool

Change the tool and adopt a way that can be helpful to enhance collaboration and contributions

CHANGE THE process

in rapid release cycle old method won't work
be more responsible being a coordinator
team should have a ready backup of coordinator and contributors
use standardized linguistic resources to  build error free l10n

CHANGE THE Structure

restructure the team
appreciate volunteer contributions
just not only share works share the ownership also
dedicated responsibility like translator/editor/proofreader for individual products to make a great localized product

CHANGE THE reps-localizers relation

recently reps came into picture

there are +/- of all the things

a gap seems to appear between reps-n-localizers

harmony between the two is mandatory for benefit of mozilla

What hindi team is Doing

moved on pootle
increased contributors base
decentralizing  and sharing the ownership
work with fuel project to create linguistic resources needed for l10n
a community meet is announced



Mozilla l10n team

By Rajesh Ranjan

Mozilla l10n team

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