We have synergistic dynamics,
value-added mindshare, organic scalability, hyperlocal globalization...

We’re the best ever.

and every other business cliché
under the sun.

Just kidding, we’re pretty sure those aren’t real things.

So what do we really do?

We create impactful marketing.

We treat people right.

We have a good time. That’s Revel.

We’ll boost your ROI 1,000,000%,
you’ll be able to buy the moon, and you’ll never die, ever.

You’ll love it.

You’ll consume a substantial amount of free food and drinks on our tab.

You’ll laugh more than usual in meetings.

Honestly, you get our best.
We have three rules to make sure of that.

They’re pretty simple;
even we can remember them.

Do things really, really well.

Care as much as others.

Revel in everything you do.

branding + corporate identityweb development & support

video production copywriting & contentstrategy planning

marketing campaigns + print, web, & multimedia design

media planning + research, focus groups, & surveys

social media & digital marketing

(the short version)

The Questions

We ask you
a bunch of stuff.

The Target

We establish
lofty goals.

The Creative

We come up
with a bunch
of ideas.

The Presentation

We show you
the idea stuff.

The Excitement

You love the
idea stuff.

The Roll-out

You present the
idea stuff to
the world.

The Results

The world
loves you.
You love Revel.

The Revelry

We love you.
We high-five.

We think it’s important to have
fun at work, and when we have fun, you have fun.

Having fun is fun. 

This is Sarah. She drinks coffee out of a pint glass, and for some reason that messes with people’s heads. It’s just not right. Sarah also manages accounts here.


She's really good at it.

231.727.9778 ext.110

Sold? Get in touch with Sarah.

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Revel Marketing Presentation v3

By Pete Lounsbury

Revel Marketing Presentation v3

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