In-house Circuit Breaker

A Presentation

by Ronak Raithatha


1. Circuit Breaker Pattern

2. Opossum Library

3. Tripp

Circuit breaker

A pattern to improve the resiliency of your application by encapsulating failure-prone dependencies with robust fallback options

Failure-prone dependencies:

- External API calls

- Database connections

- Fragile inter-service operations

Alternative use Cases

  • Singular location to cache responses
  • Rate limiting  
  • Performance monitoring


A circuit breaker library written in node 

const CircuitBreaker = require('opossum');
function asyncFunctionThatCouldFail (x, y) {
  return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
    // Do something, maybe on the network or a disk
const options = {
  timeout: 3000, // If our function takes longer than 3 seconds, trigger a failure
  errorThresholdPercentage: 50, // When 50% of requests fail, trip the circuit
  resetTimeout: 30000 // After 30 seconds, try again.
const breaker = new CircuitBreaker(asyncFunctionThatCouldFail, options);

// if asyncFunctionThatCouldFail starts to fail, firing the breaker
// will trigger our fallback function
breaker.fallback(() => 'Sorry, out of service right now');

Event logging

const circuit = new CircuitBreaker(() => axios.get(route), circuitBreakerOptions);
circuit.fallback(() => ({ body: `${route} unavailable right now. Try later.` }));
  (result) => console.log(`SUCCESS: ${JSON.stringify(result)}`));
  () => console.log(`TIMEOUT: ${route} is taking too long to respond.`));
  () => console.log(`REJECTED: The breaker for ${route} is open. Failing fast.`));
  () => console.log(`OPEN: The breaker for ${route} just opened.`));
  () => console.log(`HALF_OPEN: The breaker for ${route} is half open.`));
  () => console.log(`CLOSE: The breaker for ${route} has closed. Service OK.`));
  (data) => console.log(`FALLBACK: ${JSON.stringify(data)}`));


Fairly simple API for what it achieves

For the most part, this fit our needs, but we decided to go bigger.

Create something that can be used across multiple streams. 

Augmenting Opossum

To better fit our need

Common logging pattern

Ability to get metrics without custom code from each stream

Modularize how features were added and shared among streams

Create a separation between CB and external call being made


A piece of Pegasus

Is a set of tooling encapsulating Opossum

Extensibility through Redux-like middleware API

Built-in wrappers for Apollo and Axios to promote good DX by exposing underlying API. 

Made with ❤️ by MyAudi 

This is Tripp* of house MyAudi,

the First in Audi-toolbox,

Breaker of Circuits,

Preserver of Good DX and

Propagator of Extensibility Through Robust Middleware API

* Now available in a Toolbox near you

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By Ronak Raithatha