Holidays in the Empire

Digital mapping & writing

Nabil Kashyap

Sarah Elichko

February 7, 2019

• What are we doing here?

• Digital history (some examples)

• Thinking about organization & purpose

• Preview of class site

Digital History

Organization & Purpose

What does the organizational structure of guidebooks do?

What sorts of things get highlighted? Hidden?

How does this come across?

What are some possibilities that you see in representing these guidebooks digitally?

What might that mean for how we organize the site?

What kind of work will these choices do?

• How you'll access the site

• Public & private views

• Omeka items

• Neatline records

• Incorporating multimedia

An evolving structure

Highly recommended:

Meet with Nabil & Sarah while you're

working on your first web entry.

Contact us:

Nabil Kashyap / nkashy1

Sarah Elichko / selichk1

Thank you!

History 032: Holidays in the Empire

By Swarthmore Reference

History 032: Holidays in the Empire

Introduction to digital mapping and writing project (Omeka & Neatline)

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