library internship
april 13, 2018

sarah elichko
social sciences librarian

what is critlib?

Critlib is short for “critical librarianship,” a movement of library workers dedicated to bringing social justice principles into our work in libraries. We aim to engage in discussion about critical perspectives on library practice. Recognizing that we all work under regimes of white supremacy, capitalism, and a range of structural inequalities, how can our work as librarians intervene in and disrupt those systems?  (source)

#critlib twitter chat!


- Which chat(s) and question(s) did you look at?

- Before reading, what did you expect the chat
  would be about?  How was it similar/different?

- Share something you found interesting.

          Learn about something new?         

          Encounter a different take on a

            familiar idea?

topic ideas

information politics, teaching, social & political issues, types of libraries, workplace dynamics

search results

+ representation

how does web search influence whose voices are heard?

Library folks care about this a lot.

- LIS faculty: Safiya Noble, Zeynep Tufekci
- Librarians: Andrew Asher, Eamon Tewell,

              Troy Swanson

(Also, lots of non-librar* folks like danah boyd and Mike Caulfield, as well as journalists like Ed Yong
and Adrienne Lafrance.)

Identifying experts on a research area using WAKS.

Do a search for this research topic. How are your chosen experts are represented in search results?

A practice:
Know what you're doing (literally)

A technique:
Choose your experts first

search & representation:  explore + develop (re)search skills

Compare and contrast results for the same search in ProQuest current news (WSJ, NYT), Ethnic News Watch, and LGBT Life.

#critlib (library interns, spring 2018)

By Swarthmore Reference

#critlib (library interns, spring 2018)

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