Single responsability
Managing dependencies


  • Not perfect code
  • Allow to design later
  • Reduce cost of change

Easy to change

  • No unexpected side effects
  • Cost of change proportional to its benefits
  • Reusability (in new & unexpected context)

Without Single Reponsability

  • Can't select only the behavior U want
  • Difficult to reuse
  • Leads to code duplication
  • Leads to dependencies

Single Responsability

Example with bicycles

class Gear

More logic

Single responsability

  • "Mr Gear, what is your ratio ?" - OK
  • "Mr Gear, what is your tire ?" - NOK

Easy to change

  • Hide instance variables
  • Hide data structure
  • Extract responsabilities from methods
  • Isolate responsabilities

Hide instance variables



Hide instance variables

if @cog needs to change

Hide Data Structure

  • Need to know the internal structure of @data
  • If @data structure change, everything breaks

Hide Data Structure

  • 'diameter' method doesn't know the structure of 'wheels'
  • This knowledge is encapsulated in a single place
  • More tolerant to change

Extract responsabilities from Methods

  • Iterates over the wheels
  • And caculater the diameter for each wheel
  • Why not have a 'diameter' method ?

Remember the Gear class ?

  • This method has more than one responsability

Remember the Gear class ?

  • 'gear_inches' belongs in the Gear class
  • 'diameter' does not

This refactoring allows to :
  • Clarify the class and its responsibilities
  • Avoid needs of comment
  • Reusability

Isolate Responsabilities

  • 'Wheel' struct clean the 'Gear' class
  • Delay the creation of a real 'Wheel' class

The Real Wheel

The Real Wheel

  • This code is not perfect
  • It achieves a higher standard
  • It isĀ good enough

Managing dependencies

Next time ;)

Poodr - single responsability

By Thomas Petrachi

Poodr - single responsability

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