Setting up for Python


  1. Python
  2. Editor
  3. Version Control System


Because your time is precious!

Choosing an editor is a huge decision

Standard editor

Integrated Development Environment [IDE]

Visual Studio Code


Choose Visual Studio Code

  • Open source
  • Lightweight and slicker
  • Useful for other languages, e.g. go
  • Lots of extensions
  • Customisable
  • Amazing git integration
  • User experience unlike any other Microsoft product

VSCode is growing in popularity

Version Control System

Why VCS?

Why git?​

  • Linus wrote it for the Linux Kernel development
  • GitHub is based on git
  • git is the most popular VCS, and popularity counts


  1. Python
    1. Use Python 3
    2. How to install Python
  2. Editor
    1. Why use an editor?
    2. Why use Visual Studio Code?
    3. How to install VS Code
  3. Version Control System
    1. Why use a VCS?
    2. Why use git
    3. How to install git

Setting up for Python

By Vipin Ajayakumar

Setting up for Python

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