Libraries and I.T.

the struggle it is

Gillian Byrne | Krista Godfrey | Sam Popowich | Whitni Watkins


who are we?

How can a Library I.T. Dept. balance its own projects with supporting library initiatives/services?

How can Cultural

differences between

non-library I.T. DEPTs.

 & the library

be tackled/overcome?

How can library depts. make informed decisions about when or whether

to bring i.t. into their

project/service plans?

How can I.T. lead professional development/capacity building in technology?

Where would you like to see your Library and I.T. integration in 5 years?



Libraries and IT: the struggle it is

By whitni

Libraries and IT: the struggle it is

Panel given at Access 2016. This panel of four will discuss the current state of the merging of Libraries and Information Technology (IT) and the illusion we have that IT has been successfully integrated into our organizations. In many ways, IT has not found its way to the center of our organizations but continues to experience a divide from the library culture. Bringing IT to the center of Libraries has been viewed as an invasion of library work rather than an integration and a benefit. We will also discuss the idea that library culture is not just one culture but encompasses many different cultures: cataloging, IT, admin, and public services, etc. The integration of each culture - being able to see the individual pieces fitting into the big picture - is important to the success of the library. A struggle heard often from those who have merged IT and Libraries is not seeing the importance of hearing what IT or Library departments are working on.

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