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Yun Zhi Lin

  • VP of Engineering APAC @Contino
  • AWS Cloud Warrior
  • Focus on Serverless and Data
  • Contributor for Serverless Go and .Net 2.0
  • Rancher Debater
  • Security Debater on both Red and Blue teams
  • State of Docker & Containers

  • Life beyond Orchestration

  • Docker + Serverless

State of Docker & Containers

Platform Evolution

Where is Mr Rancher?

Kubernetes won the Aus Debates and Mr Rancher moved on higher order services...

Btw Rancher won UK Debate!

Ultimately Kubernetes has won the Container War

  • Over 80% of Container market share
  • Part of Cloud Native Foundation
  • 32 Certified Kubernetes conformance vendors in 2017
  • Rancher 2.0 is Kubernetes

Life beyond Orchestration

2018: Moving to Higher Order Platforms

Why Higher Order Services?

Commodised Utility



Expected Stability



 IaaS: OpenStack | EC2, GCE, Azure VM

 PaaS: Convox, Openshift | Heroku, PCF

 CaaS: Kube, Docker EE | GKE, AKS, EKS

 SaaS: BYO | Salesforce, SAP, Auth0

 FaaS: OpenWhisk | Lambda, GCF, AzureF

Visible Value

But there always is a Container / Server?

Higher Order Containers Services


Azure Container


Azure Kubernetes Service

Google K Engine

Docker + Serverless

What is Serverless?

  1. Everything managed to the highest level of abstraction
  2. Don't pay for Idle resources

In 2017 I said


  • Short Stateless Request Response
  • Queue based Async
  • Real time Data Processing
  • Wrapper Service or Vendor Gateway


  • Anything Long lived: HTTP2/Websocket, Daemons
  • Thread based Async
  • Batch Data Processing
  • Complex logic or DB
  • Performance critical to the millisecond

Enterprise Adoption

Docker is De Facto for Legacy Modernisation

Reference: DockerCon 17 EU

Docker is Great for all Your Ruby on Rails

No easy way to do serverless ruby at the time of writing

Dockerised Builds and CD

Build Docker in a Docker

On Prem Docker FaaS

Best of Both Worlds

Lambda + Fargate Video Processing by Serverless Framework

Easy Machine Learning

  • SageMaker ML as a Service
  • BYO Containers for custom Inference and Training code


  • Higher order services enables focus on business value and accelerates speed to market

  • Move to highest level abstraction possible for the given task. Be it containers or serverless

  • Serverless and Container adoption are not mutually exclusive. Use both!

  • FaaS and clusterless CaaS are somewhat converging in terms of the serverless spectrum


Docker in a Serverless World

By Yun Zhi Lin

Docker in a Serverless World

Docker in a Serverless Cloud Native world

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