Aviation Capacity Resources AB


ACR is certified according to all requirements for ANSPs operating in Europe and ISO 9001 / 14001 standards

Established in 2004 – delivering ATS/ATC and MET services to airports since March 2011

Operates 16 ATS-units in Sweden and provides ATM solutions for airports internationally

112 employees

Turnover 2019: 162 MSEK

​2017 – Expanding it’s operations and consultancy outside Sweden​

Towards a
ATS/ATC market

Freedom of choice – no flight safety risks – procurements resulting in significantly lower production costs

Airlines and airports require cost-effective suppliers. Air traffic services is costly

The EU supports and regulates a competitive market

Competition is also an incitament for state-owned companies to develop

A deregulated market creates greater freedom of movement for both companies and staff

Competition drives efficiency: example from Sweden

Air traffic management costs reduced by 30-40% for Swedish airports.

Potential for more competitive airports:

ATM costs estimated to 4-6% of an airline’s cost base (3rd highest cost item)

ATM costs 20–50% of airports cost base

Competition not contrary to safety

All providers must comply with EU legislation, targeting appropriate safety measures 

Competition replaces the need for regulation


Board of Directors

• Lars Wahlström, Chairman
• Jan Carlzon
• Carl von der Esch
• Rolf Jonson
• Peter de Jounge
• Arne Stokke


• Ulrica Messing (SE)

• Sebastian Ehrnrooth (SE)​
• Nils Gunnar Billinger (EU)
• Per Arne Watle (NO)
• Maria Hamilton (CH)
Urs Sieber (CH)

Our towers

Småland Airport

Örebro Airport

Karlstad Airport

Stockholm-Västerås Airport

Trollhättan-Vänersborg Airport

Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport

Kalmar Öland Airport

Torsby Airport

Jönköping Airport

Skellefteå City Airport

Ljungbyhed Airport

Norrköping Airport

Stockholm Skavsta Airport

Borlänge Dala Airport

Gällivare Airport

Gothenburg Säve Airport

Fifteen ACR-operated towers across Sweden.

This is what we offer

Cost efficient and customer oriented deliveries

Modern systems for safety and document management guarantees the highest possible safety levels

Skilled controllers. Support from management on potential improvements, development and best practices

Synergies that create profitability for both customer and supplier

Lower cost per production hours

To safeguard the survival of regional airports in Europe


Martin Wallfors,
ATCO Jönköping 

To be one of the leading providers of air traffic services in Europe 

Through the best combination of highly skilled air traffic controllers, management and partnerships provide cost effective air traffic services with highest safety

Our vision 

Our mission 

ACR Aviation Capacity Resources AB 

Östermalmsgatan 87E
SE-114 59 Stockholm, Sweden 

Telephone: +46 8 440 49 00 


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