devops with javascript

The New Duct Tape of the Internet

Famous Quote

Reg Braithwaite:

"All we do now is connect things with JavaScript"

Search for ‘... is the duct tape of the internet

Perl: 116.000

JavaScript: 16.600

PHP: 3
Redis: 2
Python: 0

Others: Google (7), (3), DNS (1), F5 (1)

What can you do with duct tape?

DevOps in the Server





Plenty of Libraries


DevOps in the Client

Real time data stream

Actual Uses

SSH into a running server

Distribute a command to many servers


Access Amazon AWS instances

Access a running database

Run periodic tasks (cron)

Run load tests

Continuous deployment

Monitor logs


Just Do It!

Convert SysAdmin work into development

Use JavaScript to bind it all together

Build your own code

Start small


Alex Fernández
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devops with javascript

By Alex Fernández

devops with javascript

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