The Fluid


Your Host Tonight

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Alex Fernández

Developer with 15+ years of experience


What We will cover

How to Flow

Flow with Requirements

Flow with Operational Constraints

Some Relevant Case Studies

Don't Stop Flowing

How to Flow

Turbulent Flow is Irreversible

It can be fun, but we don't want that kind of fun

Laminar Flow is Reversible

And we like when things flow smoothly!

Flow with Requirements

Circumstances Change

And you should adapt to them

Fashion in ARchitecture

80s: minicomputers & terminals

90s: client-server

00s: three tiers

10s: NoSQL

The Perfect Architecture

Does not exist

Modern Architecture

Or so we thought

Slightly More modern architecture

Spot the seven differences

Flow With Constraints

Flow with capacity planning

From 4 to 132 krps in two years

Flow for Operational Stability

From 38 to 112 krps in one day

Flow to Lower Costs

How Fast Can You Migrate

to a new cloud provider?

to a new hosting company?

to your own datacenter?

It matters because costs escalate quickly

Database migrations

are painful efforts

but shouldn't be

How to Migrate Your Database

Build a compatibility layer

Avoid downtime at all costs

Treat access and data separately

Have a reverse migration strategy

but try not to use it

Case Studies

Warning: may not apply to your situation

MediaSmart Mobile

Migration to Amazon virtual private cloud

Tried on 2015-03-03

Reversed on 2015-03-05

Due to an unrelated failure (!)

Tried again on 2015-03-11

Migrated EU on Friday the 13th

because who's afraid of superstitions?


Migrated from AWS to Facebook datacenters

Year-long effort, from 2013-03 to ~2014-03

Had to go through AWS VPC first

Neti — a dynamic iptables manipulation daemon in Python

Three weeks into VPC, two weeks to FB

Bare minimum approach (!)

Mr X

Also migrating datacenters

Will start sending 10% of traffic

from new datacenter

Inter-datacenter latencies

Don't Stop Flowing

How to Migrate Anything

Build a compatibility layer

Avoid downtime at all costs

Have a reverse migration strategy

but try not to use it

Unstable Equilibrium

The only way to fly supersonic fighters

Living with Unstabilities

Use safe defaults

Fail safely

Always monitor

There Will Be Mistakes

Get over it

Move Fast, Break Things

Or stay put and never break anything

Or anything in between



The Fluid Architecture

By Alex Fernández

The Fluid Architecture

Charla para MadridJS, 2015-03-26

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