CLSxMadrid 2015

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Co-organizer MadridJS, Node.js Madrid,

Comunidades Tecnológicas Madrid

Recipient of multiple "good feelings" courses

We will talk about:

Our communities

Dos and Don'ts

The Outcome

Our Communities


One of the biggest tech communities in Spain

Node.js Madrid

Growing healthily

Comunidades Tecnológicas Madrid

Steady growth

Your Community

It's not yours!

You are just the leader

Most people will naturally follow you

Others will envy and hate you

Dos and Don'ts

1: Protect and Serve

You are here to serve your community

2: be Transparent by Default

Why keep stuff secret?

Before hiding, ask yourself:

Is the community better without it?

If there is no clear answer, publish it!

3: Do Not Waste Time

Before you do anything, ask yourself:

How is this benefiting my community?

If you can't really answer, don't do it!

4: Increase Participation

Do stuff

Do more stuff

Do stuff more often

Ask the community

5: ask for Volunteers

Just ask for help!

We are all volunteers here

Empower your collaborators:
Doers decide how to do things

Don't forget to thank them afterwards!

6. Value Ideas

When evaluating an idea,

disregard where it comes from

La verdad es la verdad, la diga Agamenón o su porquero.
Agamenón. – Conforme.
Su porquero. – No me convence.

"Juan de Mairena", Antonio Machado

7: Associate

With other regional Meetups

With other related Meetups

With CLSxMadrid

With sponsors

8: Take a Step Back

Let others take the lead

Grow the community

Groom new talent

The Outcome

The Outcome

Lots of work

Little recognition

You will always receive a lot

Eye to Eye

Not above

Not below

Treat all in the community as equals

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.

Alexander the Great




By Alex Fernández


Talk for Community Leadership Summit CLSxMadrid, 2015-12-12: http://www.clsxmadrid.es/

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