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Prof Pinchito

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What We will cover

I'm Starting, What Should I Do?

I'm Average, How Can I Improve?

I'm The Boss, How Can I Show Others?

The Path of Enlightenment


I'm Starting

What Should I Do?

Ways To Start

  • Bootcamp
  • Pet Project
  • Consulting Job?
  • Freelancing
  • Startup

Ride the bubble!

I Am Average

How Can I Improve?

Ways To Improve

  • Pet Project
  • Go To Talks and Conferences
  • Give a Talk at a Meetup
  • Give a Talk at a Conference
  • Learn a Language a Year
  • Go Out of Your Comfort Zone

Always Keep Learning!

Be A Proud Engineer

From Programmer...

To Developer...

To Engineer

I'm The Boss

How Can I Show It?

Ways To Show Off

Sell Your Technical Skills!

#1 and #2092

Which is which?

The Path of


Build Your Career

Set Yourself a Target

Build a Way to Get There

Don't Delegate this Burden on Anyone Else

Work Towards It!

Good Engineering

Where Has All the Talent Gone?

Your Job Should Make You Proud

Go and Build Cool Things

Make Us Proud!



Care to Discuss?

Motivational Talk

By Alex Fernández

Motivational Talk

Charla para IronHack, 2016-03-02

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