How to Refactor your

Software Architecture

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A Fork in the Road

How to Improve a Running System

Live Migrations

Practical Case: Influencity


A Fork in the Road


You are the new CTO of ACME, Inc.

You have to deliver results

Our old system is too slow, limited, crappy

We need the new system for last week

Start working now!

The Old System

First Way

Work within the confines of the system

Build more stages on an unstable architecture

Work slows down on a crawl

"Rowing in chewing gum"

Second Way

Throw everything away

Stop new requirements for two years

Why will the second time be better?

Second System Effect

- Fred Brooks, The Mythical Man-Month, 1975

Practical Case: Mortgage Workflow

Two million euros

25 people working for two years

New requirements were being implemented

in the old system

Catch-up was impossible

Mortgage Database

Database with ~100 tables

Renormalized to third normal form

Result: 400+ tables

Never saw production (thankfully!)

A Third Way?

How to Improve

A Running System

Repay your Technical Debt

Debt allowed you to build things faster

Debts must be payed at some point

Use part of the team to repay debt

Software Development is Awesome!

The only business where you can renovate a house...

While living in it!

And not be uncomfortable

Build a Good Test System

Or three

Unit tests are great but expendable

Test backend code

Test APIs

Test frontend code


Make small, incremental changes

Intersperse with business improvements

Improve as you go along

Always leave the code better than it was

Lose the Fear to Make Changes

This code was here before I joined

This code must be here for some reason

This code must be awful because reasons


Graph your current architecture

Reduce the number of moving parts

Remove gears that do not run smoothly

Move Slowly But Surely

Business needs its pound of flesh

Involve the whole team

Don't be afraid of manual work


Graph your current architecture

Reduce the number of moving parts

Remove gears that do not run smoothly

No need to understand old code perfectly!

Tools Are Great

But so easy to misuse

Don't be afraid to build if necessary

The most experienced devs should do infra

... But all the team should be involved

Live Migrations

The Fluid Architecture

Allows you to make changes

Make incremental changes

Allow you to move seamlessly to the next state

Article (in Spanish)

Backend Changes

Always add services

Never modify services

Never delete (while in use)

Frontend Changes

Atomic changes

Forward compatible

Must be reversible if necessary

Database Migrations

Better without a fixed schema

Even better if avoided

Make everything backward compatible

Migration strategies (in Spanish)

Practical Case:


Initial Status

Deployments every three months

"Stop the world" deployments

Painful data migrations

Influencity Architecture

Influencity Database

Stupid Integration Tool


Three Test Systems

Backend: test controllers

Frontend: test to end tests

Manual tests

7 Months Later

Deployments every other week

Rebuilt about half the platform

Improved every aspect

Final Target

Continuous Deployment

5 ~ 10 deployments per day

Full frontend tests


Your team is your strength

Preserve backward compatibility

Migrate reversibly


How to Refactor your Software Architecture

By Alex Fernández

How to Refactor your Software Architecture

Webinar for Codemotion, 2019-10-22

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