• Books in Many Hands

    The Centre for Postdigital Cultures—Post-Digital Publishing V—June 2021

  • Erasure Poetics

  • (For)Edges

    Weird Books, MLA 2020

  • Appendage, Mask, Voice, Body, Song

    AWP 2019

  • Poets Interfacing the Book

    Ada's Seattle, July 2018

  • The Book: Pre-print to Screen

    Brown Bag talk, MIT Press, September 2017

  • Writers on Writing

  • The Book

    Brown Bag talk, MIT Press, September 2017

  • Material Intermedial Poetics

    Centre for Expanded Poetics, March 2017

  • Sweeping Dust from the Page

    AWP, 2017 Troubling Objects and Bodies: Experimental Women Writers Redefine the Archive

  • Material Intermedial Poetics

    MFA of the Americas, 2017

  • The Book Mutates

    Reva and David Logan Symposium Legion of Honor 2016

  • Intermedial Poetics

    CU Boulder, 2016

  • The Hand and the Page in the Digital Age

    October 8, 2015. Simposio internacional Máquinas de inminencia: estéticas de la literatura electrónica, Sala Carlos Chavez, Centro Cultural Universitario, Mexico City, DF. Mexico.

  • Amaranth Borsuk: The Hand and the Page

  • Computers in My Classroom

    April 2015

  • The Essay Blinks

    AWP 2015

  • Critical Making Webinar

    April 2015

  • Whispering Galleries

    Institute Library, New Haven, CT