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Amaranth Borsuk



Making space

A book is a sequence of spaces. 


Each of these spaces is perceived at a different moment - a book is also a sequence of moments.

. . . .

A book is not a case of words, nor a bag of words, nor a bearer of words.


—Ulises Carrión

“The New Art of Making Books” (1975)

The reading hand

Is there a way that the process of reading has a kinship with the process of drawing? [...] How each of us reads is different, and while alphabets and words and the space between words are printed and have an abstraction, they are also materialized.


—Ann Hamilton

artist's talk (2013)

The archive &

the repertoire

'Archival' memory exists as documents, maps, literary texts, letters, archaeological remains, bones, videos, films,CDs, all those items supposedly resistant to change. Archive, from the Greek, etymologically refers to 'a public building,' 'a place where records are kept.'

—Diana Taylor

The Archive and the Repertoire (2003)

The repertoire, on the other hand, enacts embodied memory: performances, gestures, orality, movement, dance, singing—in short, all those acts thought of as ephemeral, nonreproducible knowledge. Repertoire, etymologically 'a treasury, an inventory," also allows for individual agency.


[it] requires presence: people participate in the production and reproduction of knowledge by 'being there.'


The archive and the repertoire work [in tandem] to constitute and transmit social knowledge."

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An erasure bookmarklet created with

Nick Montfort & Jesper Juul



Sweeping Dust from the Page

By Amaranth Borsuk

Sweeping Dust from the Page

AWP, 2017 Troubling Objects and Bodies: Experimental Women Writers Redefine the Archive

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