The Hand & the Page

In the Digital Age

Amaranth Borsuk

University of Washington, Bothell


In a performative approach, the cognitive capacities of the reader make the work through an encounter.


Johanna Drucker

DHQ 7.1 (2013). 

As much acts of interpretation as material things, as much processes as objects, media are not merely storage mechanisms somehow independent of the acts of reading or recognizing signs they record.


Craig Dworkin

No Medium (MIT Press, 2013).


Between Page and Screen

Whispering Galleries

Amaranth Borsuk & Brad Bouse


An Expanded Artist's Book

With Kate Durbin and Ian Hatcher

Expanded Artists' Books utilize the rich capabilities of the tablet platform to imagine new forms that a book might take, such as exploring how interactivity challenges the traditional closure of text or the performance of time.

The Hand and the Page in the Digital Age

By Amaranth Borsuk

The Hand and the Page in the Digital Age

October 8, 2015. Simposio internacional Máquinas de inminencia: estéticas de la literatura electrónica, Sala Carlos Chavez, Centro Cultural Universitario, Mexico City, DF. Mexico.

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