Crowdsourcing Your Way to a Better ePortfolio

Beth Gordon (Pace University) and Kristina Hoeppner (Catalyst IT)

Presentation: Creative Commons BY-­SA 3.0 AAEEBL Annual Conference ‧ Boston ‧ 30 July 2015




Ask questions

reveal potential issues

Answer questions

show how you use the software

Report bugs and feature wishes

I would like to...

communicate what's problematic and how you want to use the software


quantitative feedback

Student survey example

  1. When were you first introduced to ePortfolio and by whom?

  2. What was your first experience like with ePortfolio? What were your thoughts when you were first introduced?

  3. Have your feelings about ePortfolio changed since first being introduced? Please explain.

  4. How have you used ePortfolio in the classroom?

  1. Describe a few ways that ePortfolio may benefit you academically?

  2. Describe any ePortfolio features you believe would benefit you academically that aren’t being utilized by faculty?

  3. Do you think ePortfolio helps you organize your academic work?

  4. In what ways did ePortfolio help you organize your academic work?

  5. ...

Faculty survey example

  1. Rate your proficiency level with ePortfolio.

  2. What kind of content have you uploaded to ePortfolio?

  3. What tools have you used?

  4. What community applications have you utilized?

  5. What external media have you embedded?

  6. What features of ePortfolio has been most useful / beneficial for you? Why?

  7. Have you integrated ePortfolio into your classroom?

  1. What features of ePortfolio have you had the most difficulty using? What specifically did you find challenging?

  2. What features have you required your students to use? Why?

  3. How has using ePortfolio in your courses impacted student behavior / performance?

User interviews

deep insight

Idea storming

collaborate on ideas and define work flows

Pedagogical goals

  1. How to use ePortfolios?
  2. How to integrate them into the overall learning ecosystem?

keep purpose in sight

User group meetings

share and learn from each other


solve problems, develop new features


work flows

user experience


What is your idea?

Beth Gordon

Pace University


Kristina Hoeppner

Crowdsourcing your way to a better ePortfolio

By Kristina Hoeppner

Crowdsourcing your way to a better ePortfolio

Presentation by Beth Gordon (Pace University) and Kristina Hoeppner (Catalyst IT) at the AAEEBL Annual Conference in July 2015.

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