Supporting formal and informal learning in Mahara

Kristina Hoeppner (Catalyst) // @anitsirk
Virtual Mahara Hui (UK & Ireland)  // 15 July 2020

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re-designing at a hat's drop


physical distancing



blurred boundaries

shift in focus






Roadmap components

Usability improvements

Feature development

Technology updates

Issue resolution

Community infrastructure

Usability improvements

New layout editor

Placeholder blocks

Details mode

Menu consolidation

User → More human terms

Blocktype consolidation

Feature development

Copying of plans

PDF export (experimental)

Custom header background

SAML automation

New theme

Assignment submission plugin

SmartEvidence enhancements

Technical updates

Improved cloud support

Support for PHP 7.4 and MySQL 8

Mahara Mobile

CSS consolidations

WCAG 2.1 compliance

LTI 1.3 support

Issue resolution

Prioritised by the Catalyst NZ team

Small to big projects

Funded fixes are prioritised

Infrastructure updates

Run Behat tests more efficiently

Upgrade the manual to Python 3

Cloud test environment

Move to GitLab for issue tracking

More inclusive terms in Git

Mahara Mobile

iOS version coming soon

web services

Mahara assignment submission plugin

External tool


Standard in Moodle

No plugin installation

Pre-populate connection

Feedback all in Mahara

Archiving of submissions

Normal assignment

More grading options


Feedback also in Moodle

Archiving of submissions

Authentication and connection: LTI

Authentication: LTI; connection: web services

See MoodleMoot Global Online 2020 for a brief introduction

Default support for the web services for Mahara 20.10 (to be released in October 2020)

Get it now

Authentic tasks

How are you using portfolios?

Supporting formal and informal learning in Mahara

By Kristina Hoeppner

Supporting formal and informal learning in Mahara

Presentation by Kristina Hoeppner (Catalyst) at Virtual Mahara Hui (UK and Ireland) on 15 July 2020. Recording at

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