What is next on the Mahara roadmap?

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Kristina Hoeppner // @anitsirk@cloudisland.nz // Catalyst IT
Catalyst EUser Community Conference // 6 December 2022


Mahara 22.04

Mahara 22.10

Roadmap components

Usability improvements

Feature development

Technology updates

Issue resolution

Community infrastructure

Mahara 23.04

Outcomes portfolio

  • Set up outcomes
  • Track page completion
  • Set check-in points
  • Create pages from within a collection
  • Collaborate using different roles

Submission process change

  • Submit a copy of a portfolio
  • Continue editing original portfolio
  • View submitted portfolios separately

Get involved

Our podcast

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What is next on the Mahara roadmap?

By Kristina Hoeppner

What is next on the Mahara roadmap?

Presentation by Kristina Hoeppner (Catalyst IT) at the Catalyst EUser Community Conference on 6 December 2022

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