• Practical Tips for Testing Web Apps

    There's no silver bullet for testing web applications. In addition to common best practices, each testing professional tends to develop his or her own techniques either by years of experience or habit. In this talk the speaker will share his experience with developing and testing web apps. Devopedia's own web app will be used as a case study. The talk will address both frontend and backend, both unit testing and system testing. Participants will need to be familiar with the architecture of web apps (such as MVC or equivalent pattern).

  • Guidelines for Reviewers

  • Introduction to Devopedia, for new authors

  • Google Cloud Authentication

  • Why We're Not Using Microservices: A Devopedia Case Study

  • Devopedia Hacktoberfest 2019

  • Blockchain

  • Analysis of Tech Meetups in Bangalore

    Scope is limited to those listed in Meetup.com. We have considered only those in "Tech" category.

  • Introduction to Android Things

    Features, supported HW, resources ...

  • The Laws of Software

    Moore's Law, Postel's Law, and many more.

  • Software Design & Architecture

  • Web App Testing With Python Selenium

    Automated testing of web apps using Python Selenium.

  • Python Frameworks

    Frameworks in Python for making web apps, for Machine Learning, or automated testing.

  • MRO

    About Python's Method Resolution Order.

  • Devopedia Introduction