Analysis of Tech Meetups in Bangalore
(22 Feb 2018)

  • In April 2017, these numbers were 543 and 364K. [IEDF 2017]

  • Not unique individuals: many are members of multiple groups.

  • The groups are not equally popular.

  • Just 36 groups contain more than a third of all members.

  • Three groups stand out in the domains of AI and IoT.

  • Popular (>6000) specific platforms/frameworks/languages include OpenStack, Docker, Python and Apache Spark.
  • 60% of all groups have < 500 members.

  • 75% of all groups have < 1000 members.

  • Only 2-3% of groups (exactly 17 groups) have > 5000 members.

  • 21% of all groups have < 100 members: (0.19+0.17)*59% = 21%

  • 34 groups meet at least twice a month. Only 5 of these are big groups.

  • Some big numbers are misleading: group is configured to auto-schedule meetups.

  • Big groups who don't meet often (small circles) suggest scope for new groups on similar topics.

  • Incredibly, 24% of groups have not met even once.

  • Only 12% are meeting at least once a month.

  • Any correlation between the group's age or number of events and its membership strength?

  • ML/AI and analytics are the most popular topics.

  • Cloud and Big Data are popular as well.
  • Among the popular languages are JavaScript and Python.

Analysis of Tech Meetups in Bangalore

By Arvind Padmanabhan

Analysis of Tech Meetups in Bangalore

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