The History of Information Graphics


What is information graphics and why study its history?

History of representing knowledge in visual forms.


  • See
  • Search
  • Find
  • Analyse
  • Getting ideas
  • Show (and tell)
  • Demonstrate
  • Narrate
  • Argue
  • Debate

Why now?

Schedule of the semester

1. Key concepts

The place of studying information graphics within humanities. The historiography of the history of information graphics.

2. Cults

cave drawings, magical maps

3. Heaven and Earth

sky, planets, stars, early maps

4. Logical structures

geneaologies, trees, cosmologies and knowledge

5. Diagrams


6. Telescope and microscope

scientific images

7. Thematic cartography

diseases, ethnic maps, transport

8. The time

timelines of history

9. Numbers

statistical charts

10. Pictorial representation

Mulhall and the Neuraths

11. Representation

poors, crimes, blacks - Florence Kelley and Du Bois

12. Animation and interactivity

History of Information Graphics 1

By Attila Bátorfy

History of Information Graphics 1

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