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Linking to slides in the slides.com editor

C / C++ / C# / Java / CoffeeScript / JavaScript / Node / Angular / Vue / Cycle.js / functional / testing

18 people. Atlanta, Philly, Boston, Chicago, NYC

Fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser

$ npm install -D cypress
npx cypress open
// ui-spec.js
it('loads the app', () => {

Mocha BDD syntax

Chai assertions

it('adds 2 todos', () => {
    .type('learn testing{enter}')
    .type('be cool{enter}')
  cy.get('.todo-list li')
    .should('have.length', 2)

fluent API like jQuery

undefined is not a function

Programming in JavaScript

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bonus: you can link to named slides via url


Dynamic Presentation Example

By Gleb Bahmutov

Dynamic Presentation Example

Example of a presentation where the speaker can pick where to "jump" from a slide using linked elements

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