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Current affairs

India has been dubbed

"The most dangerous place to be a woman."

by  the Thomson Reuters Foundation.



Patriarchal society


Gender-based inequality/Misogyny


The Caste system



But it is a complex question that also has to do with territorialism and a imbalance between the birth of boys and girls. India can also be called "a land of men".

Dalit girls and women are more vulnearable to sexual crime and violence.


The caste system established the hierarchy in India

for 3000 years and it has been outlawed since 1950.


But in rural parts the idea of "untouchablity"

is very much alive.

In 2014, two girls aged 14 and 16 went missing in Katra, Northern India.


When the father wanted to report them missing he was belittled, asked what caste he had and then shooed away from the police station.


The girls were found raped and hanged in a tree.

A patriarchal society

"We have the best culture. In our culture there is no space for a woman."

- ML Sharma

ML Sharma, was the defence lawyer for the men committed for the rape of 

Jyoti Singh.


This incident took place in 2012.


We are going to watch the trailer for a documentary called India's daughter

about this incident.

"A decent girl won't roam around at 9 o'clock at night." 

- Mukesh Singh

The man who drove the bus.

"In our society we never allow our girls to come out of the house." - ML Sharma

A.P. Singh

Defense lawyer

for the rapists

Why is this a current affair?


The four men convicted of raping Singh

are to be hanged in Febuary 2020.



Rapists are executed in India.

The speediness of some of these trials are seen as problematic, why?

What common denominator can we see that exists in western culture as well?


Do we have "rape culture" in Sweden?


The rapes in India is an ongoing

humanitarian crisis.


A girl or woman is raped every

15 minutes in India.




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