Inventing Elliot

by Graham Gardner

Inventing Elliot is set in the UK and most of the story takes place at a school called

Holminster high.

Which is a state school.


Our protagonist is 

a 14-year old boy called Elliot Sutton.

He is severly bullied at school.


On top of the problems at school his home life is affected by the consequences of an attack on his father which leads to the family having to move and Elliot having to change schools.


He decides it is time to change,

to reinvent himself.


 In Inventing Elliot a secret society called

The Guardians

are obsessed with George Orwell's book Ninety eighty-four

and seek to use the same tactics to control

the other students at Holminster high.




This book is influenced by the authors own experiences but also by two books:

Nineteen eighty-four by George Orwell and

The Chocolate war by  Robert Cormier.


The protagonist of 1984, Winston Smith, lives in a society where you cannot show your emotions and like Elliot he has to hide his true self.

"Big brother is watching you."

Winston Smith


The main themes in this story are:



Hiding your true self

The Consequences of your actions



When we read together we practice peaceful reading. You each have a copy to follow along in while we read. We encourage you to do that. 


Within 6 minutes of reading the brain goes into a state that resembles meditation. You might feel tired or like you need to yawn. That is OK, but your job is to actively take part and listen.


Do not disturb your class mates or the readers.

Raise your hand if you have a question.

Peaceful reading

Inventing Elliot

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Inventing Elliot

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