Unbalanced Lines

Unbalanced Lines Are:

  • Found on 1/4" TS and RCA connectors
  • Used on instruments, consumer equipment
  • Less expensive
  • Less complicated
  • Fine in cable runs up to 18'

Balanced Lines

Balanced Lines Are:

  • Found on 1/4" TRS and XLR connectors
  • Never found on RCA connectors
  • Used on pro equipment and PAs
  • More expensive
  • More complicated
  • Preferred in noisy environments or cable runs over 18'

To be a balanced connection the line must...

  • Come from equipment with balanced outputs
  • Go to equipment with balanced inputs
  • Be carried through a cable with 3 conductors
  • Have correctly wired 3-conductor connectors at each end
  • Remain balanced if it passes through any patchbay

Identifying Balanced Connections

Balanced lines are backwards-compatible:

  • Unbalanced out >> Balanced in = OK
  • Balanced out >> Unbalanced in = NOT OK

Stereo Lines–Unbalanced

Stereo Lines–TRRS

Stereo Lines–Balanced

Unbalanced or Balanced?

Balanced Lines

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Balanced Lines

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