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January 30, 2020



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  3. Tech talk: Taming system complexity with Semver by Julian Gindi
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About GumGum

  • Computer Vision company
  • Advertising
    • Context-aware ads
    • Brand safety technology
  • Sports division

>25M RPM

Online Advertising

Did you know?

GumGum Invented In-Image advertising in 2008

Job Board

DevOps Engineer @ GumGum (x2)

Sr. Python Developer @ GumGum

Job Board

DevOps Engineer @ Your Company?

Since the last time we met..

1) Notable Blog Posts

Deterministic Aperture: A distributed, load balancing algorithm

Alpine makes Python Docker builds 50× slower, and images 2× larger

Let's Encrypt APIs go down

Stop using ridiculously low DNS TTLs

If you’re not using SSH certificates you’re doing SSH wrong


2) AWS

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Access Analyzer

AWS Compute Optimizer

(Managed!) Apache Cassandra Service

So Many New EC2 Instances


3) Security Incidents

Windows CryptoAPI Spoofing Vulnerability

Kubernetes "Billion Laughs" Exploit

Helm 3 Released

Bypassing GitHub's OAuth flow

Taming system complexity with Semver

By Julian Gindi, Senior DevOps Engineer at GumGum

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West LA DevOps #5: Versioning

By Corey Gale

West LA DevOps #5: Versioning

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