• Cloud Native Buildpacks: Containers for Everyone

    Slides from Node+JS Interactive Conference 2019

  • RVFuzzer: Finding Input Validation Bugs in Robotic Vehicles through Control-Guided Testing

  • Learning from High Profile Failures

    ReactiveConf 2019

  • Progressive Web Apps

    Description of progressive web applications, specifically looking at the security implications

  • How to crack a password

  • Mastering the Art of Forms

    Slides for EmberFest 2018

  • Locking It Down with Ruby

  • Art of Forms

    Slides for EmberConf 2018

  • Outside the Web Box

    Slides for RubyConf AU 2018

  • NPM & Lockfiles: A Love Story

    Slides for BrooklynJS, Jan 2018

  • Ruby Racing: Challenging Ruby Methods

    Slides for RubyHACK 2017

  • Outside the Web Box

    Slides for RailsConf 2017