• Sharing Code Well

    A short set of slides about how to do FAIR code sharing on GitHub.

  • BIDS tabular phenotype data software for big neuroimaging studies

    A presentation for the Software Demonstrations oral session during the OHBM 2023 conference, July 25, 12:45pm-2:45pm.

  • Software Development Life Cycle

    Have you ever experienced scope or feature creep? Do you want to save time and set clearer expectations with your software projects? What is SDLC and how does it relate? Answer these questions and more with a short journey into what SDLC means and a few key examples of how software development processes are applied to make projects run smoother.

  • Enough regular expressions to get you in trouble

  • Hi, I'm Eric Earl

    A talk for Jesuit High School's Neuroscience Club

  • A Brief Guide to *some* GitHub Repository Tools

    A presentation for the NIH Coders' Forum November 2021 on some free utilities automatically built-in to GitHub repositories. This presentation focuses on the Issues, Milestones, Projects, Wiki, and Discussions features and is meant for all audiences.

  • BIDS

    An ABCD Workshop 2019 break-out session THU, 8/22, from 130pm to 230pm.

  • Data science tools for reproducible neuroimaging research

    A presentation for the ABCD Workshop 2019 on data science and programming tools for reproducible neuroimaging research. This presentation focuses on the tools of the trade and is meant for all audiences.