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Adam Hyde


  • Shuttleworth Fellowship
  • Book Sprints
  • Aperta
  • Booktype
  • FLOSS Manuals
  • Paged.js

Who is Coko?

Coko Community

  • Hindawi
  • eLife
  • EBI (Europe PMC)
  • Wormbase (Micropublications)
  • Open Book Publishers
  • Punctum Books
  • ALTA
  • Digital Science
  • Organisation for Human Brain Mapping
  • CDL / UCP

We Collaborate on Building Publishing Platforms


PubSweet provides a lot of 'stuff' that enables developers to build publishing systems

Owned by the community


Supports the Workflows you want

Varied Use Cases

  • Journals
  • Micropubs
  • Content Aggregation
  • Books
  • Book Sprints
  • Award Systems
  • OER


~9 Publishing Platforms

4 currently in production

  • Hindawi
  • eLife
  • EBI
  • Editoria






Title Text

Detail of the Dashboard Editor (ME, SE, HE) Molecule

Book Builder with chapters and parts in place.

Changing the type of component in the Front Matter.

Adam Hyde


Who is Coko?

By Adam Hyde

Who is Coko?

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