Scratching an Itch

Producing Excellent Open Source Products

Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)


  • JATS
  • Spiral
  • Bullet Three

New from Mozilla

Mozilla OS 'Archetypes'

  • Bath Water
  • Upstream Dependency
  • Trusted Vendor
  • Specialty Library
  • ...etc

The fact that it is your itch is important

The developer is:

  • the use case specialist

  • the code specialist

Knowing your itch gives you insights and motivations. It is an important qualitative and experiential factor.

What is it good for?


Developer Tools

x  User-facing solutions

Why is it failing open source in the 'user space'

...because we are scratching someone else's itch

a developer is

a code specialist



a user is

a use case specialist

Scratching someone else's itch

If we want to 'solve the users problem (itch)' they must be central to designing the solution.

Design First
Design with the User

An Example

The Cabbage Tree Method

Good for

  • Building platforms
  • Working with orgs
  • Fixing workflows

Facilitated Design

Users Use Case Specialists

Use case Speciaists Designing Their Own Software

Iterative DesignBuild Sessions

The Flow

An Example

The Users Scratch

The Summary

The Mock

The Working Code

The Working Code

Open Source Lisbon

By Adam Hyde

Open Source Lisbon

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