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So how do I create the perfect CFP?

Catchy title?

Funny bio?

None of those...

The secret of a successful CFP is...

Being selected

What are CFPs?

Different points of view




Conference Organisers

  • Create a brand and set a date
  • Organise and pay the bills
  • Need to create a Program
  • Promote event
  • Make attendees happy


  • Fill in the whole schedule
  • Run by a Program Committee
  • Choose the topics
  • Pick best talks
  • Announce keynote speakers

CFP timeline




  • General idea
  • Topic
  • Time


  • Design
  • Structure
  • Practice


  • Rejection
  • Pressure
  • Plan




  • Confidence
  • Posture
  • What’s next?

For Attendees

  • Decide if they want to buy a ticket
  • Decide if the talk is interesting for them
  • Decide between 2 conflicting talks
  • Way to get to know speakers

Event vs Topic CFPs

Picking the Event first

  • Special talk for the event
  • Talk fits perfectly the program
  • Open to introduce changes

Picking a topic first

  • Specialised talk around topic
  • Topic may not be perfect fit
  • A specific event is not a priority
  • Closed to make changes


 Let's create an awesome CFP!

Together we can do it

Call-For-Papers Workshop

By Gerard Sans

Call-For-Papers Workshop

In this talk, we’ll explore a secret API design pattern: GraphQL directives and how to use them without breaking a sweat. Best of all, you will be able to add new features to your schema without having to change your existing code. A fantastic technique to add to your GraphQL toolset!

  • 944