Alan King and Derek Dong

iRODS Consortium

Technology Update

iRODS 4.3.1

November 12-17, 2023

Supercomputing 2023

Denver, CO

iRODS 4.2 Series

4.2.12 is the final release of the 4.2 series.


Limited to security fixes, bug fixes, and trivial enhancements.

Contributors - 4.2.12

iRODS Release Issues Closed
4.2.12 160
~/irods $ git shortlog --summary --numbered 4.2.11..4.2.12
    67  Alan King
    58  Kory Draughn
    13  Daniel Moore
     9  Justin James
     8  Markus Kitsinger (SwooshyCueb)
     6  Martin Jaime Flores Jr
     4  Felix A. Croes
     2  Alastair Smith
     1  Phillip Davis
     1  Terrell Russell

4.2.12 Core Server Improvements

  • Microservices for read-only access to JSON objects
    • Useful in iRODS Rule Language (NREP) with JSON-based inputs/outputs
  • Wider availability of admin keyword in various APIs and libraries
    • imeta
    • atomic ACLs/metadata endpoints
    • filesystem
    • msiDataObjChksum
  • Improved user/group/password management
  • Fixes and expansive tests for compound resource

Contributors - 4.3.1

iRODS Release Issues Closed
4.3.1 236
~/irods $ git shortlog --summary --numbered 4.3.0..4.3.1
   204  Kory Draughn
   101  Alan King
    24  Markus Kitsinger (SwooshyCueb)
    15  Nishant Dash
    14  Martin Jaime Flores Jr
    12  Justin James
    10  Daniel Moore
     7  Violet White
     4  Felix A. Croes
     3  Terrell Russell
     2  Derek Dong
     2  Phillip Davis
     1  Awab Masroor
     1  Peter Verraedt
     1  June Releford
     1  Leonardo Lenoci

4.3.1 User Experience Updates

  • Removed setup for rsyslog/logrotate (syslog implementation assumptions)
  • Replaced log_facility with server_zone in log message output
  • Deprecated SimpleQuery
  • Exposed client connection information to acPreConnect()
  • ichmod honors the permission model
  • unixfilesystem resource plugin supports detached mode
  • Additional info added to izonereport; structure flattened for clarity
  • New configuration options: TCP keepalive, authentication
  • Newly packaged for Ubuntu 22, Debian 12, and Enterprise Linux 9

4.3.1 Core Server Enhancements

  • Approaching GCC compatibility
  • Added support for Address Sanitizer
  • New API plugin: rc_switch_user
  • iRODS Project Templates for C++
  • Improved documentation

** Bold items discussed in this talk **​​

  • Library feature tests
  • New API plugin: rc_check_auth_credentials
  • New zone administration library for C++
  • New ticket administration library for C++
  • New C++ library: process_stash

Build and Packaging

We continue to move towards a more Normal and Boring approach to build and packaging.

  • clang-tidy brings us closer to building against libstdc++
  • Work has begun on unprivileged build and packaging in development environment containers


As work towards this goal continues, there will be significant changes to the pre-build configuration process. We plan to use CMake presets to smooth the transition.


We still do not have a time-table. See the talk at UGM 2022 for more details on our plans.

Address Sanitizer (ASan)

A very fast memory error detector for C/C++.


It detects several different issues such as memory leaks, use-after-free bugs, heap buffer overflows, etc.


Used to track down several memory leaks in iRODS 4.3.0.


Enabled via CMake by setting IRODS_ENABLE_ADDRESS_SANITIZER to YES.


For example:

    user@sc2023:~ $ cmake ... -DIRODS_ENABLE_ADDRESS_SANITIZER=YES ...

New API Plugin - rc_switch_user

Allows the user associated with a connection to be switched to a different user.


Designed for client applications which

  • act as servers (e.g. NFSRODS) and
  • require a proxied connection



  • Avoids TCP connection setup and tear down
  • Allows a single connection to be reused for multiple users
  • Gets us closer to true connection pooling

New API Plugin - rc_switch_user (cont.)

Performance Testing Details



  • Two custom client applications
  • App A connects to a server N times as the same user
  • App B makes one connection and calls rc_switch_user N times


Test results show a 98% performance improvement.

iRODS Project Templates for C++

Using the GitHub template repository feature, the iRODS Consortium now offers template repositories which allow C++ developers to jump directly into writing code for iRODS.


The Consortium supports five template repositories today.

Improved Documentation - Policy Cookbook

An online resource dedicated to providing best practices and the latest techniques to various policy-based situations encountered in the iRODS ecosystem.


The cookbook covers topics such as ...

  • Synchronizing Delay Rules using Metadata
  • Naming Schemes and Conventions
  • Sharing data across PEPs
  • Simulating User Quotas
  • Implementing maintainable Policy through reusable rules


If you have suggestions on how to improve the cookbook, please reach out.

Improved Documentation - Data Objects

Information about data objects has been expanded.


Documentation for 4.3.1 includes details about ...

  • The meaning of each replica status (intermediate, write-locked, etc.)
  • Logical Locking
  • High-Level Operations (put, get, copy, replicate, etc.)
  • R_DATA_MAIN - The database table which holds all replica information


We'll continue to expand on these topics as improvements to the server are made.

Improved Documentation - Protocol Cookbook

Intern project documenting the iRODS protocol by demonstrating a basic client implementation of the iRODS control flow.


Meant to serve as a model for implementing new client libraries in various languages.


Implemented as a Jupyter Notebook.

UnixFileSystem Resource - Detached Mode

Allow multiple servers in an iRODS Zone to service requests made to a single UnixFileSystem resource. Only requires a mountpoint to a common backend filesystem accessible by all participating servers.


Useful for parallel and distributed filesystems.


Configure via context string:

  • Add "host_mode=detached" (any other value means attached)
  • Add comma-delimited list of hosts to host_list in context string (optional - all servers will service requests if host_list is excluded)
iadmin mkresc detached_resc unixfilesystem \

Audit AMQP Rule Engine Plugin

  • Modernization
    • Refactored to use nlohmann-json instead of jansson
    • Refactored to use qpid-proton's C++ API
    • Migrated to new logging framework
    • Miscellaneous other modernization
  • Housekeeping
    • Repository reorganized and code reformatted
    • RPM package installation less fussy
    • Removed unused amqp_options configuration setting
    • Miscellaneous other housekeeping
  • Removed JSON wrapper tokens
  • Fixed JSON types for some fields
  • More AMQP message metadata set
  • Better handling of default configuration

Audit AMQP Rule Engine Plugin - ELK Stack

  • Modernization
    • New Dockerfile syntax
    • Updated entire software stack
      • Container base image
      • Elasticsearch, Kibana, RabbitMQ
      • Temurin JDK
  • Housekeeping
    • Reduced number and size of intermediate container images
    • Excluded more unneeded files from container image
  • Updated for use with new version of the rule engine plugin
    • Workarounds for use with older/current versions of the plugin are togglable
  • Replaced logstash with a Python daemon using qpid-proton's Python API
  • Moved as much setup as possible to container build-time
  • Added argument for specifying Java heap size

iRODS Clients


  • S3 API
  • irodsfs (FUSE)
  • SFTPGo
  • k8s CSI Driver


  • irods-dev (C/C++)
  • python-irodsclient (Python)
  • go-irodsclient (Go)
  • Jargon (Java)
  • rirods (R)


  • iCommands
  • gocommands


  • Metalnx
  • ZMT
  • iBridges


Restart of a previous effort to make a modernized iRODS CLI:

  • A brand new client, not just an icommands rewrite
    • The aim is to write everything with idiomatic C++
  • Single executable instead of 50+ icommands
    • $ irods put testFile
  • Optionally modular, thanks to CMake magic (and a hint of preprocessor)
    • Reads .so plugins as sub-commands via boost:dll, or
    • Sub-commands compiled into main executable
  • Aims to make use of the newest libraries
    • irods::filesystem and friends for iRODS things
      • Avoiding icommand-specific libraries, too
    • A lot of boost, everywhere
  • Implementations for several of the simpler commands are in a working state
    • ls, mv, put, get, etc.
  • Still a WIP, first goal is to reach feature parity with icommands

Big Picture


  • 4.3.x/4.4.x/5.0 - Satisfy Roadmap (Cloud-friendliness, Replace PackStruct, etc.)


Continue building out policy components (Capabilities).


We want installation and management of iRODS to become about policy design, composition, and configuration.


Please share your ...

  • Use cases

  • Pain points

  • Hopes and dreams

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SC23 - Technology Update - iRODS 4.3.1

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SC23 - Technology Update - iRODS 4.3.1

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