• Intro to ReactJS

  • Walls of Fire and Scanning Networks

  • Accessing Remote Systems & File Perms

  • Networking Basics with Python

  • File I/O with Python

  • Intro to SQL

  • How To Hackathon with A Purpose and People

  • Middleware

    The heart of Express

  • Express Yourself Deux

    Intro to the ExpressJS Web Application Frameworks

  • Streams in NodeJS


  • Node

  • Making Stuff More Functional

  • deck

  • deck

  • HACC Submissions on DevPost

  • GitHub & Git Workflows

  • Vim Basics

  • Creative Programming & Taking Things Not So Seriously

  • Tinkering w/ The Web and the Internet Of Things

    Slide deck for Maui STEM conference for basic discussion of what is IoT and a brief hands on demo.

  • jQuery

  • Express Middleware

  • Express Yourself Deux

  • Intro to SQL

  • Ajax Schmajax

  • QuickSort

  • CSS Yes!

  • Recursion

  • Multiple Inheritance

  • DOM dom dom DOM

  • Making Arrays More Functional

  • All the OOP - ES5 Edition

    The basics of ES5 OOP and basic usage of prototypes.

  • Prototypal Inheritance and The Chain Gang

  • Object Literals and ze Module Pattern

    An exploration of object literals and the Module Pattern and their likenesses and differences and applications.

  • Like this and like that and like this and...wat?

    An exploration of the concept of this in JavaScript for only function invocation and method invocation. Constructor invokation and call/apply to come later.

  • Linked Lists

    A walkthrough of what a linked list is used for and the key components for implementing one.

  • Call, Apply, Bind....oh My

    Summary of the application of call, apply and bind in JavaScript. Their similarities and differences and application.

  • H[ooA]rray

    Basic intro to Arrays in JavaScript.

  • Reactive Programming with the Beibs

    Reactive programming demo with Meteor and the Beibs.

  • Meteor Day. Yay.

    Intro to Meteor for Meteor Day!

  • express-yourself

    Intro to web applications using ExpressJS.