Get Started with ArcGIS

a hackathon 30-min kickstarter

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Jim Barry  Solution Engineer, Railroads


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What are we going to learn?

  • What is ArcGIS?
  • Free developer license - apps, tools, content, not a trial
  • The Basics


  • Find, import, host data on the cloud
  • Make a web map
  • Style your map
  • Data analysis tools
  • Create custom apps
    • without code
    • with APIs

What is ArcGIS?

  • Apps and APIs for mapping your data
  • Create, manage, analyze, share maps

What is ArcGIS?

  • Apps and APIs for mapping your data
  • Create, manage, analyze, share spatial data




Lightweight options:

  • ArcGIS Online - fully online SaaS, nothing to install
  • Data Science - Python packages for analysis, data management
  • Developer tools - SDKs, APIs, app builders and templates, open source repos

Heavier options:

  • ArcGIS Pro - desktop workstation
  • ArcGIS Enterprise - server of maps, tools, IT integration

ArcGIS for Developers website -

  • host data as web services
  • make maps
  • build apps
    • api keys
    • app builders
    • templates
  • cloud hosting
  • cloud data mgmt
  • cloud processing




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$10 Cloud Credit Voucher Code:


Cloud Credit Voucher Code:


Cloud Credit Voucher Code:


Quick tour of tutorials

if you just want to see the solution

Search for data you can use

Search for data

  • Data portals
    • web search keywords: GIS, map, data, download
    • government "open data" portals: fed, state, county, city
  • ArcGIS Online -
    • shared by the ArcGIS user community
  • Living Atlas of the World

Search for data

  • - open data

"REST Endpoint"  =

URL/URI to a hosted feature service, web service

Import data


File Geodatabases







Feature Geometry


REST endpoint URL

Field collect your own data

Make your web map

Style your map

also supports HTML/CSS formatting

Share your map

gives you <style> and <iframe> tags, premade for you

configurable web app templates

Build a custom apps

without code

Web AppBuilder

Experience Builder

Operations Dashboard


Build dashboards quickly

Custom native apps

Cross-platform: .NET, Java, Android, iOS, Qt

No code

Deploy within your organization, or publish to app stores

Build a custom apps

with code


aka "Where's the API?"

REST API,34.0564;-117.1825,34.0572&token=[token]&f=pjson

JavaScript API


24 Tutorials - 10-15 min each

ArcGIS API for JavaScript - developer website

Full support for:

  • Popular web frameworks
  • TypeScript

JavaScript Frameworks


for non-Dojo apps



Other Web APIs

Using Esri Location Services with

Mapbox GL JS

API Keys

...turn on location services

Runtime SDKs

native app development

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS,

and more Tutorials and

example apps

source code projects

Data Science with Python

Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning
  • Feature extraction from imagery, video, LiDAR



  • 24/7
  • Global
  • Q&A forums
  • Blog
  • Videos


on Github

  • apps, templates, libraries, tools

Get Started with ArcGIS

for developers

...a 30-min kickstarter

Jim Barry  Solution Engineer, Transportation


To request a free cloud credit voucher code, send a DM to "Amy Niessen"

Get Started with ArcGIS: for developers 2022

By Jim Barry

Get Started with ArcGIS: for developers 2022

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