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in RavenDB 4

.NET User Group / July 11, 2019

Kamran Ayub

By day, he works at Target

By night, he:

  • raises 2 kids with his wife,
  • works on Excalibur.js,
  • runs Keep Track of My Games,
  • produces Pluralsight courses,
  • does coding, writing, home DIY, and gaming

RavenDB is like MongoDB

But better?

Let's check it out!

Node.js Demo

Connecting to RavenDB Cloud

Initializing a DocumentStore

Opening a Session

Creating a free Cloud database

Graph Demo

Simple graph query

Complex graph query

Seeding DB with GitHub example

C# Demo

PET Talks example

Secret Demo

Let's have some fun!


RavenDB Cloud - Free instance

What's New in RavenDB 4

By Kamran Ayub

What's New in RavenDB 4

Given in July at the Twin Cities .NET User Group

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