Code Transformation and Linting Workshop

Using Abstract Syntax Trees in JavaScript with Babel and ESLint

Kent C. Dodds


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What this talk is

  • Introduction to Abstract Syntax Trees
  • Introduction to inspecting and traversing ASTs with ESLint and Babel

What this talk is not

  • Deep dive into ASTs
  • Publishing actual plugin packages
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Code Transformation and Linting Workshop

By Kent C. Dodds

Code Transformation and Linting Workshop

Have you ever needed to change the API to a widely used function in your JavaScript application? Find and replace can really only take you so far. What about the frustration of iterating over and over again on pull requests because of simple code mistakes developers keep making? These are only some of the problems that you can solve with a basic understanding of Abstract Syntax Trees and the tools you can use to inspect and manipulate them.

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