Faster JavaScript

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Learning code faster, and loading less of it

Kent C. Dodds


1 wife, 3 kids

PayPal, Inc.



What this talk is

  • A preview of a very WIP, closed source project (currently)
  • Ideas

What this talk is not

  • Nothing ready for production
  • Nothing that's been tested in real apps.


Learning existing code

What's the best way?

  • A system diagram?
  • A screencast?
  • One-on-one walkthrough?
  • Writing it from scratch!

... but that doesn't scale very well

But what if the computer

could do that for us?


like tree-shaking, but better

Demo-time 😀


Thank you!

Faster JavaScript

By Kent C. Dodds

Faster JavaScript

This talk is about how a program slicing tool can help us learn code faster as well as ship less code (which will load, parse, and run faster).

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