Open Sourcing Your Stuff

Kent C. Dodds


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What this talk is not

  • An explanation of all of the benefits of open sourcing
  • Word-for-word script of what to tell your boss when you want to open source
  • Everything you need to know to maintain an open source project

What this talk is

  • Identifying a good candidate in a project for open sourcing
  • Extracting it to a solid open source project
  • Publishing the library on npm
  • Replacing the custom project code with a library dependency

Let's get started...

Identify the component

for open sourcing

Prepare it

for open sourcing

Create the new Project

Create the GitHub repo


Copy the needed files

from your project

Alter the files

so they can stand on their own

yarn (or npm) init

create your package.json

build with babel

create your package.json

test with jest

setup your project's tests

npm publish

and git tag && git push

npm install

and add the module dep


Resources... Series:

"How to Write an Open Source JavaScript Library"


"How to Distribute Your AngularJS Module"

Thank You!

Open Sourcing Your Stuff

By Kent C. Dodds

Open Sourcing Your Stuff

How to write an Open Source JavaScript Library

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