Webpack Workshop

Migrating an app to Webpack

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What this workshop is not

  • Taking your app and migrating that
  • Teaching EVERYTHING there is to know about Webpack
  • Boring / hands off

What this workshop is

  • Migrating an app from Require.js to Webpack by touching as little of the application code as possible
  • Migrating iteratively
  • Instructive in that you'll learn what you need to do so too
  • Interactive, exciting, and fun!

Migrate an app from Require.js to Webpack



$ git clone https://github.com/kentcdodds/require-to-webpack-todomvc.git

$ cd require-to-webpack-todomvc

$ git pull --all # fetch all branches

$ npm install

$ git checkout step/00-original-project

$ http-server # or just open the index.html


Thank You!

Webpack Workshop

By Kent C. Dodds

Webpack Workshop

Migrating a Backbone + Require.js App to Webpack. Including ES6, testing, code coverage, ESLint, CSS-modules, and more!

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