• Quality Tooling For Web Apps

    Presentation for DenverScript, April 2021

  • Data Transformations with Lodash

    Meetup talk for DenverScript, August 2020

  • BDD Testing with Cypress Cucumber

    Presentation for Denver Vue.js, April 2020

  • Real Agile

    Meetup talk for DenverScript, April 2020

  • Closures

  • Intro to BDD Syntax

    Lightning talk for DenverScript 9/24/19

  • What Should I Test?

    Presentation for DenverScript, April 2019

  • Programming Without Ifs

  • Inheritance & Composition with Vue Components

  • App Architecture w/ Vue

  • Double-Loop TDD

  • The 5 Developers I Never Want To Work With Again

    Develop Denver 2017

  • Isn't Ember Dead?

    Talk for Denver Node.js July 2017

  • All About Kyle Coberly

    About me!

  • Test Selectors & Page Objects

    Lightning talk for Denver Ember, May 2017

  • Approach to Innovation

    Talk for DU's Master's in Leadership program

  • Progressive Web Apps Are The Future

    Slide deck for talk at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2017

  • Automated Acceptance Testing with Nightwatch.js

    10 minute lightning talk on Nightwatch.js

  • deck

  • Agile

    Presentation for Develop Denver 2016