Isn't Ember.js Dead?

Kyle Coberly

Kyle Coberly

  • Educator
  • Web App Developer
  • Business Dork

Ember Benefits

  • For ambitious apps
  • Anti-bikeshedding
  • Developer ergonomics

Denver Ember Benefits

  • Fun meetup!
  • Active Community!
  • EmberConf!

What We Did:

  • Generated app boilerplate
  • Wrote tests
  • Used add-ons for SASS, CSS Reset, and FastBoot
  • Refactored in a tight feedback loop
  • Made reusable components
  • Let Ember Data do the heavy lifting with APIs
  • Deployed a production build


  • Tested
  • Deployed
  • Dev environment
  • Production build
  • Abstracted data layer
  • Standard format

Kyle Coberly

Isn't Ember Dead?

By Kyle Coberly

Isn't Ember Dead?

Talk for Denver Node.js July 2017

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