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What is a program?

A program is a set of instructions that you write to tell a computer what to do

What is a programming?

Programming is the task of writing those instructions in a language that the computer can understand.



What are loops?


  • Repeat an action some number of times!

  • Three main types of loops in Javascript

  • For, while, and do while loops

  • Each type offers a different way to determine the start and end points of a loop

Loops - For

for (let i = 1; i < 5; i++) {


What are arrays?



  • A data structure to store ordered collections!

  • Array elements are numbered starting with zero

  • Arrays have many methods to manage the order of elements

  • Can be created by a constructor or literal notation

Declaring Arrays

let newArr = []

Literal Notation

Declaring Arrays

newArr = ['Zebra',true,21]

Arrays are populated with elements

Elements can be of any type

Array Indexing

Array Indexing

newArr = ['Zebra',,true,21]

console.log( newArr[0] )  //Zebra
console.log( newArr[1] )  //undefined
console.log( newArr[2] )  //true
console.log( newArr[3] )  //21

Elements can be accessed by their index numbers

Array Indexing

newArr = ['Zebra',,true,21]

newArr[1] = 'Bob'

console.log( newArr )  

// ['Zebra','Bob',true,21]

Elements can be updated by using the index at that position

Array Length

console.log( newArr.length ) //4

How do you determine how many elements are in your array?

Array Iteration

let bestColors = ['green','blue','yellow','black']

bestColors.forEach((x,i)=> console.log(x))

Iterates through an array passing in the value and index of each element 


What are objects?


  • Objects are a collection of variables and functions!

  • Objects represent the attributes and behavior of something used in a program

  • Object variables are called properties and object functions are called methods

  • Objects store "keyed" collections

Think of a physical object

What are it's attributes and behaviors? 

Stopwatch Object

let stopwatch = {}

stopwatch.currentTime = 12

stopwatch.tellTime = function(time){
  console.log(`The current time is ${time}.`)



What are APIs?


  • A simple interface for some complex action!

  • Think of a restaurant menu! Remember those...

  • Lets one thing communicate with another thing without having to know how things are implemented.



Fetch Fido, Fetch!

    .then(res => res.json()) // parse response as JSON
    .then(data => {
    .catch(err => {
        console.log(`error ${err}`)

API returns a JSON object that we can use within our apps


Stop trying to make Fetch happen!

    .then(res => res.json()) // parse response as JSON
    .then(data => {
    .catch(err => {
        console.log(`error ${err}`)

Some APIs need Query Parameters to return the correct data

const url = ''

Let's Code

Local Storage

Local Storage

Allows you to store data across browser sessions

Put Item Into Local Storage

localStorage.setItem('bestFriend', 'Bob')

Get Item Out Of Local Storage

localStorage.getItem('bestFriend', 'Bob')

Remove Item In Local Storage

localStorage.removeItem('bestFriend', 'Bob')

Remove All In Local Storage


Let's Code


#100Devs - Another API Review

By Leon Noel

#100Devs - Another API Review

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