What (data) journalists want

Maarten Lambrechts


Open Belgium 2016

Preaching to the choir, but...

We don't want

your fonts, colors, background and logo

to trace your graphics

to copy your data manually

We want

the raw numbers

the numbers behind aggregation

your geofiles

Accompany press release with

a spreadsheet

with all the data

a deep link to your data portal

*updated* portal




graphics of the highlights

but do it right




but give all the data

Provide metadata

How was data collected?

Comparable/previous datasets?

Differences with related datasets?

For estimates: confidence!

What can and can't be done with the data?

What can and can't be concluded from data?

Provide practical details


Contact details of a person

Right attribution, including link

Next release?

Lots of data?

provide an interface

give data in advance & use embargo

Take aways

Give all the data

Not in a pdf

Readable and complete metadata


What datajournalists want

By maartenzam

What datajournalists want

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