• Introduction to k6

  • A Collection of my Favourite Cypress Features

  • Tooling for Automated Testing

  • Contract Testing 101

  • Leveraging Cypress Beyond Functional Testing

  • Performance Testing with Cypress, Lighthouse and k6

    In this meetup, I'm teaming up with Nicole van der Hoeven to talk all things about Performance Testing! I'll be specifically talking about front end performance testing while Nicole will talk about back end performance testing.

  • Shifting Accessibility Testing To The Left

    For most companies, accessibility testing is still seen as an afterthought and there is often a misconception that testing for accessibility is difficult and time consuming. We know that there's a lot of benefits in making your website or application accessible, especially in the Digital Era, but why do we still have a lot of inaccessible websites? In this talk, I will discuss some of the myths around accessibility testing, how you can shift accessibility testing to the left and how you can easily integrate it in your development and testing workflows.

  • Making Your Mark

  • Modern Web Testing with Cypress

    The web has evolved. Finally, testing has too. This is what you see when you visit Cypress' landing page. In this talk, I would like to share what Cypress is, what its different features are and how it's bridging the gap between developers and testers.

  • Getting Started with CircleCI and Cypress

    In this lunch and learn session, we'll look at how we can integrate our Cypress tests to a CI/CD pipeline using CircleCI

  • Automated Accessibility Testing with Cypress and Axe

    In this lunch and learn session, we'll look at how you can automate some of your web accessibility testing requirements with Cypress and Cypress-axe

  • Roadmap to Testing a Design System

  • Mocking XHR requests with Cypress

    In this lunch and learn session, we'll look at how we can mock XHR requests with Cypress.

  • Testing Iframes with Cypress

    In this lunch and learn, we'll look at how you can test iframes with Cypress and talk about the current limitations of testing iframes.

  • Visual Testing with Cypress and Applitools

    In this lunch and learn, we'll look at what visual testing is and how we can use Applitools to write visual tests together with Cypress.

  • Comparing Testing Tools: Cypress vs. Selenium

    When it comes to test automation, there are many tools to consider. Among the most popular are Cypress and Selenium, but which tool is best suited for YOUR testing needs?

  • API testing with Cypress

    Cypress was originally created to cater the needs of front end developers so they can test their applications easily. However, Cypress is more than that. In this session, we'll look at how we can use Cypress to do API testing.

  • A Beginner's Guide to Testing with Cypress

    Lunch and learn (News UK tech community) where we will talk about what Cypress is and how we can write our first automated test with Cypress.