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Marie Drake

Quality Engineering Manager, Zoopla | @mcruzdrake | Testing with Marie

What is this workshop about?


Why do we need to learn about test automation?



What is Cypress?

  • Automates browser actions

  • An all in one testing framework

  • Tool written in Javascript

  • Development framework agnostic 

  • Open source and commercial


Why was Cypress created?


Benefits of using Cypress

  • Fast setup and installation

  • Quick debugging

  • Time travel

  • Automatic reloads

  • Supports other types of testing

  • Automatic Screenshots

  • Automatic Videos

  • Automatic waiting

  • Active community



Limitations of Cypress


  • No support for multiple tabs/browsers

  • Tests are evaluated inside the browser

  • No support for native/mobile events

  • Multiple domains support




Let's start the hands on workshop! 🙌🏼



Introduction to Cypress

By Marie Cruz

Introduction to Cypress

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