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❌ Designing for accessibility is time consuming and expensive

✅ If accessibility is embedded at the beginning, it’s not.

Think of accessibility as added revenue instead!

More users === more $$$


❌ Accessibility testing is the responsibility of testers

✅ It’s everyone’s responsibility

This doesn’t mean we don’t need accessibility experts or specialists.


❌ Automated Accessibility Testing is enough

✅ Automated accessibility testing accompanied with human based testing (with real users too)

Automated accessibility tests only catch 20-40% of issues.

❌ Accessibility Testing is hard

✅ Accessibility testing is hard but it can be learned. There are so many great resources out there!



❌ Being compliant to guidelines (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) means your website is accessible

✅ Different people with disabilities will use your products differently

Credit: Janet Gregory (@janetgregoryca) and Lisa Crispin (@lisacrispin)




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Shifting Accessibility Testing To The Left

By Marie Cruz

Shifting Accessibility Testing To The Left

For most companies, accessibility testing is still seen as an afterthought and there is often a misconception that testing for accessibility is difficult and time consuming. We know that there's a lot of benefits in making your website or application accessible, especially in the Digital Era, but why do we still have a lot of inaccessible websites? In this talk, I will discuss some of the myths around accessibility testing, how you can shift accessibility testing to the left and how you can easily integrate it in your development and testing workflows.

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