Visual Testing with Cypress and Applitools

Marie Drake

Principal Test Automation Engineer @ News UK         @mcruzdrake


Cypress lunch and learn recap

  • Great tool for testing front end/UI
  • ...but also for testing APIs!

Cypress, among other things, validates the structure of your DOM. 

(what about the look and styling of your app?)

Visual testing 👀

  • We need to validate what the user sees.
  • We need to verify our application on different browsers/viewports/mobile devices
  • Can be time consuming when done manually

Visual testing (manually)

Visual Testing (automated)

  • It's not new! 
  • A lot of existing visual tools already (pixel by pixel comparison)
if(isBaselineFound) {
} else {

Problem: Flaky tests

Problem: Dynamic data

Problem: Cross browser visual validation

Production Visual Bugs

How can we solve this visual testing issues?

Visual testing with 


Applitools is a cross browser visual testing, founded on 2013, which uses AI to compare images like a human would.


Integrates with almost all functional testing framework including native apps.



// initiates the eyes SDK
  appName: 'ReactSplash',
  browser: { width: 1024, height: 768 },

// takes a DOM snapshot

// closes the eyes SDK

How it works 

Let's explore Applitools!

Additional Resources

Any questions?

Visual Testing with Cypress and Applitools

By Marie Cruz

Visual Testing with Cypress and Applitools

In this lunch and learn, we'll look at what visual testing is and how we can use Applitools to write visual tests together with Cypress.

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